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Did you know that Prozac is effective not only to treat depression, but there are some evidences that this medication can help cancer patients? Well, here you will get to know unknown before interesting and useful things about Prozac, as well as places with cheap Prozac sales.

Prozac (Fluoxetine) - a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor with minimal effect on other neurotransmitters.

Clinical effect of Prozac is shown shortly after the start of treatment, despite the fact that the action of serotonin reuptake inhibition begins almost immediately.

During a long time generic Prozac was seen as a panacea to solve not only the individual psychological, but also organizational problems. Studies have proven that the person taking antidepressants becomes more efficient worker as less preoccupied with his own psychological problems. For example, in one corporation in San Francisco psychiatrists recommended one group of people to buy Prozac, and another one - a placebo. That group, which has used Prozac to treat their general mood condition showed the best result. Commenting on the results of this study, Harvard Business Review, in February 2004 recommended to the department to distribute Prozac among employees of the companies in order to "increase efficiency".

Recently made studies have shown that Prozac is prescribed regularly with cancer for emotional relief, but Israeli researchers have found that this well-known soothing agent may be applied against cancer at all. In their laboratory, scientists found that Prozac without prescription helps to increase an antitumor action of the drug doxorubicin on more than 1,000%.Doxorubicin is usually given to patients with stomach cancer, thyroid, ovary, bladder cancer. Antidepressant drug Prozac acts specifically on cancer cells and not harm healthy body cells. As a result a combination of anticancer drugs and Prozac significantly slow the progression of tumors in animals’ tests. Doctors offer promising potential use of Prozac to save the lives of many cancer patients around the world.

So, as we can see Prozac is rather effective remedy, as against depression and anxiety, as well as against cancer. If you want to buy Prozac without prescription, you can do this via reliable online pharmacies. Before purchase, it is recommendable to visit your doctor in order to get the necessary dosage and get to know possible contraindications.